• Arbitraging Search Traffic

• Risk Assessment: Low/Medium

• Private Launch Date: June 2022

• Public Launch Date: December 2022

• Potential Returns: 25% NET Monthly USDT⭐️

• Payout: Monthly (30 Days)

This has been running since JUNE 2022 privately with those who got introduced and payouts have been churning without delay since then!What are you waiting for?



• Minimum Purchase: 550 USDT Per Package

○ 500 USDT will be used for arbitraging

○ 50 USDT will be used for referral payouts

○ 550 USDT is the cost per package, meaning you can only get in at increments of 550

• Cancel ANYTIME and you'll receive your deposit at the end of your monthly cycle (INCLUDING your 25% payout as well 🔥)

• NO STACKING/DUPLICATE ACCOUNTS/SAME HOUSEHOLD❗️Doing this will result in account termination

Use the PDF link below to get instructions on purchasing a package


Interested In a Two Level Affiliate Payout ?

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After registering, send me a private message with your name used so I can add you to my VIP group

After you Register with the A-Team, go through this guide to get yourself set up: https://linktr.ee/cryptoprogramquickguide

Arbitrage is risky. Your results will vary and are not guaranteed. This information is for educational purposes only and is not financial advice, or a solicitation to invest. Participating in this opportunity is at the full discretion of the user and users are fully and solely responsible. You could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial capital and should therefore evaluate your own risk tolerance before participating and only use money you can afford to lose. Any links in my posts may contain affiliate referral links and may generate a reward for the referrer.