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Recorded Webinar - Overview with Gary Wood, Matt Lovelady and Jason Brown

Recorded Webinar with Gary Wood! (12/18/2019)

Recorded Call A-Team and Matt Lovelady 1/8/20

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Recorded Webinar - Compensation Plan

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Recorded Webinar - Basic Info

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How to Enroll a Client

in the Debt Program

Helpful Documents

VAST Program Reference Guide AGENT ONLY

MPA Statement of Understanding Insurance


MPA Settlement - Assumption Differences 120219

Debt Company Differences Bullet Pointed

Federal Student Loan

I&E Worksheet



1. How do we access the recordings for the weekly webinar calls?

All recordings will be posted in the back office, and will also be posted on this training site.

2. How do I get started with being an onboarder for MPower Wealth?

You can contact your upline and they will help you get in touch with onboarding support. 

3. How do we get the iDecide presentation?

This is being worked out right now, but you will have access to it with your MPower Wealth membership as a complimentary training tool.

4. How do we fill out the sponsor info on the sign up process?

First you enter your sponsor's MPower Wealth username (example: MW0000)

Percentage (100% if it’s all going to your sponsor. If you are co-sponsoring an affiliate with someone else, then break it down in percentages)

5. Are Apiary's courses accredited so they can qualify for small student loans?

We are in the process of working that out right now.

6. What is the process for signing up clients today for the debt program?

Check your CRM page in the back office. You can enroll someone and even make an appointment for the onboarding team to contact them.

7.What program is set up for advances? Settlement, or Assumption?


8.  Where do we get the enrollment forms for clients?


Schedule in CRM tab in the back office.


9. Can we get something showing avg ROI that students who finish each program are making.. Ie. 2k , 5k, 10k course.  what is the average rROIi for each course?


Due to compliance issues, we cannot make claims about ROI.


10. How long do you anticipate it taking to get nationwide VA approval for the courses?


Don’t know when that will be approved. But it should not take that long since Apiary was already approved at one point in time.


11. What is the place to enroll a Client for the Apiary Fund?

In the CRM in your back office.


12. Is there a self-replicating page that is embedded with Agent ID# to enable enrollment online by sending them our link?

Not at the moment.


13. Is there any purchase required, other than the agent fee ($179 USD, correct?) for a new Agent to receive all of the benefits from the comp. Plan?


No - the Agent application alone is all you need to proceed with the business.


14. What is the webinar Schedule for prospects (both Client and Agents) and is there a central place where this is published?


This is coming today, 11-18-19, according to Matt Lovelady


15. If someone that is a Military Vet paid 10K now - could they get refunded the money they paid (cash now, while waiting for VA re-approval) for the Apiary fund education once the VA plan is re-instituted and approved and the VA makes a payment to Apiary fund (Apiary would have received two payments and could refund one)?


Most likely

16. Is there a production report that is sent out weekly with commissions?


There will be a line item on the report (commissions tab in back office)