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FX Master Gold

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🔥Historical DAILY

Results Are In! 🔥


- Risk Assessment: HIGH

- Launch Date: July 2022

- Project Description: 4 Manual Traders Trading Gold

  ○ Connected Through Broker PAMM System (PASSIVE🙏)

- Minimum Entry: $300

- ⭐️Targeting 15% WEEKLY⭐️

- 🔥LOW Drawdown (Typically Less Than 5%)

- Same-Day Trades for Open/Closing (No Weekend Holding)

- 80/20 Profit Split (We Keep 80% of Weekly Profits)

- Auto Compounding Enabled

- Withdrawals are Processed During Weekdays (24-Hour Response)

  ○ Accepts all main crypto currencies and stable coins

- Broker Affiliate Optional



Want to get started? Sign up with my link here (partner code - 4835481):


After registering, send me a private message of the Full Name that you signed up with to (for VIP Telegram group access)

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