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Instructions for getting your free $500 spot

Instructions for getting your free $500 spot


After creating your account, you are now ready to get funded...
Now login at  


and put your BTC or USDT-TRC20 wallet in your profile. (this is where you want your withdrawals to come)


Now click Deposits (on the left menu) and then (these may be slightly out of order)
1. "Deposit Funds."  Click 
2. "Proceed to Amount" and enter $500 in the box and choose  USDT
3. Click "Proceed to Pay." 
4. Choose the Package listed (the light blue Rectangular box), Again Enter $500. 

5.Then type in the same wallet address you see on the page

or you can copy and paste this address IF it is the same as the one you used to complete the process

 (in the field below the sample address).


 TAaGYGszgGqd2t86uGvJCpsUmDMMwV9grw  for USDT TRC20


 bc1q88a3e4a93g988fnzc7da5pc0rj73rer9luu7lt for BTC


 (you are technically not depositing money as Corporate will verify you)


Now in the Right hand corner of your website is your name. Click on your name and go to account and take a screen shot. of this page (your profile page) and send this screen shot to


and we will forward this to our upline....

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