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Bonanza Global

100% transparent company. FTC, FINRA, and SEC regulated. Owners are very easily accessible. If you'll call me at 775-790-3793, I'd love to talk to you and even fly you out to the corporate office in Beverly Hills


And let me tell you, the compensation plan is right up your alley


Bonanza Global Solutions Management but they're not on the SEC website yet. They had to send 3 disclosures that the SEC asked for you and should have everything cleared in 3 weeks


Here's the paperwork they have already

bonanza papers.jpeg








Bonanza Global Solutions Management 


This company is still ground floor but gaining a TONNNN of momentum 🔥🔥🔥 I can set up private zooms hosted by corporate members for you and your teams! Big leaders, I can get you out to the corporate office in Beverly Hills, CA to tour the office and meet with Bonanza Execs! Spaces for this are limited so please don't inquire unless you are seriously interested!


☑️ 3.5 Months New 

☑️ Micro Hedge Fund 

☑️ Money Back Guaranteed 

☑️ Investment Insurance Policy with New York Life on qualified investors.

☑️ Offices in: Beverly Hills (Corp Office), Atlanta, Chicago, New York and Las Vegas 

☑️ Registered and Founded in El Salvador (Only country where Bitcoin is legal tender)

☑️Real traders with Diversification Strategies; 



Futures & Binary Options

S&P 500


What other company are you part of that gives a 80% money back guarantee in writing stating that no matter how long you've participated, if you begin to feel uncomfortable or have an emergency, you can request 80% of your money back with no questions asked. Also to be noted, no matter how many months you've been in the program, you will also keep all of your commissions and interest, on top of your capital being returned!!! That's HUGE!!


✍️ Register here:


Bonanza Hedge Fund Business Opportunity(Presentation) 👇🏼


Presentation pdf: (📣Updated 5.20) 


Bonanza Packages: (Payment Method: BTC, Wire Transfer)

Minimum deposit to start: $500


Withdrawal intervals 👇🏼

Monthly: 10%

Quarterly: 12.5%

Every 6 Months: 13.75%

Annually: 15%


Direct Bonus (Optional)

1st Level: 7%

2nd Level: 5%


Hybrid Unilevel Bonus (Optional) 

Up to 4th Level

bonanza papers2.jpeg
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